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Hey, gamers. Rockcock64 here with another review. THis time we're taking 
a look at spiderman 2 for the dvd player. I was originally going to 
review the first but then a friend took issue with my review of the 2nd, 
so I've changed it up to say that it was a poor review. Now let's get to 
the review:

Gameplay: 1

Graphics: 5

Sound: 9

Story: 5

Overall Enjoyment: 5

This is my third time seeing the film on Blu-Ray that includes the first 
two films. The picture looks nice and is nicely processed. The colors 
and the lighting are wonderful at the same time. I've experienced no 
issues whatsoever. The dialogue has been brought to an acceptable level. 
The special features are what really make the Spiderman film stand above 
those two films. I'd say that there are 3 main extras here: The first is 
the "Discovery/Academy" feature and also includes a trailer. As you can 
already tell, I didn't get the film, but a friend did get it and the 
director has taken great care of the material. The second feature was 
the "The Truth" feature and the director has incorporated some of his 
favorite moments from each film into the film. I didn't get the feature, 
but the movie was shown to me at the screening